Secure 120m2 studio & office with 42 LAN Cat 6 ports
built around high-speed server

Secure 110m2 R&D prototype workshop

Secure assembly facility with roller door for large access

Rapid prototyping with Stratasys 250/400/900 pro:
all materials

Robot 6-Axis CNC milling for accurate trimming
and small pattern manufacture

Composite manufacture of intricate parts

3D scanning (Flexscan 3D) for QA & reverse engineering


Experienced in CAD/CAE/RP led products and services

Pioneers in 3D print-tooled carbon-fibre
parts & hybrid technology

Pioneers in advanced digital-manufacture for composites

High-end components delivered quickly
and cost effectively

Lean project management helps us deliver the impossible!



Dash-CAE’s team is complemented by a vast network
of skilled partners from the Automotive, Motorsport, Aerospace, Defence and Marine industries.