• Cost-effective, high-pressure and temperature, custom tools produced in days

  • Large scale printing and tooling applications (e.g. ducts for F1 or aeroplane wings) by joining or bonding segmented tooling

  • Moulds, jigs & trim templates within hours

  • Suitable for autoclave and ‘out of autoclave’ processes

  • Materials suitable for strength, stiffness and coefficient of thermal expansion.


  • Stratasys F900 PRO extra-large FDM 3D Printer
    (914 x 610 x 914mm for printing components, or we join/bond for segmented tooling)

  • Stratasys F250mc & F400 FDM 3D Printers

  • 6-axis Kuka CNC milling/pattern machining



  • Hand-finished parts while maintaining detail

  • Build accuracy is approximately 0.25mm over 400mm

  • Standard build is in 0.25mm steps

  • Fine build is 0.17mm

  • Ultra-fine build 0.12mm

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