• F1 inspired environment with real transfer of Technology.
  • Secure 120^m2 Design Studio & Engineering Office with 42 LAN Cat 6 ports built around high speed server.           
  • Secure 110^m2 R&D prototype workshop.
  • Secure Assembly facility with roller door for large access.
  • Rapid Prototyping (Fortus 400Large - all materials; Fortus 250).
  • 6Axis Robot CNC Milling for accurate trimming and small pattern manufacture.
  • Composite Manufacture
  • 3D Scanning (Flexscan 3d) for QA & reverse Engineering

Dash-CAE bringing you incredible resource at value...

Design & Applications engineering within the Hi-Tech composites & alloys engineering born from Formula 1.

We use industry leading CAD & manufacturing techniques to ensure that customer requirements are met as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We bring Knowledge of materials, manufacturing techniques, CAD/PLM technology.

We enjoyleading edge technologies but are mindful that simple solutions can often be the most beautiful.

For our clients we offer extremely rapid design, vision & technical expertise at great value.


Our team

We have just the right number of skilled people for your application and will use our network of partners can ensure that the right course is taken on each project.

Download our Company Overview or read about our sample projects.